At Hover we love to eat cookies, but we don't like to overuse them on our website, that's why we use just two.

The first is created purely to detect the screen size and capabilities of the device you are viewing our website from. Then, if you are using a high-resolution screen such as the ones used in the latest Apple, smartphone and tablet products, the website will display high-resolution images that will do your screen justice. If you'd prefer that this didn't happen then feel free to turn off Javascript on your device.

The second cookie exists as we use Google Analytics to help us improve our website. The information collected is standard internet logging information and is completely anonymous. This data gets sent to Google so we can create reports on how well the site is performing and how vistors are finding out about us. By continuing to use our website you are implying consent to the use of this cookie.

We don't collect any information in order to sell it and we will never pass any data on to third parties. If you have any questions then please get in touch.