Product visualisation, prototyping, branding and packaging for a new clothing accessory

Clipit was conceived as a men's fashion accessory to provide a method of pinning and holding shirt sleeves. The client had a rough drawing which we turned into a computer aided design virtual model. Once the 3D model was in the computer we provided the client with photo-realistic renders as a visual aid. Then we used the CAD model to send to a 3D printer to make an initial prototype which was used by the client for user testing and refinement.

Once the clip design was finalised we developed the branding and packaging to the client's budget

Development images showing the realisation of the product prototype
Packaging infographic

We then developed the branding and packaging to the client's budget that would enable them to take it to prospective retail outlets. We discussed the simplest method of packaging at length and finally agreed that a simple blister pack would be the best due to the restrictions set by retailers. The client also felt that consumers may need to understand how the product worked so we also created a small information graphic suitable for the packaging.

This project is a perfect example of how at Hover Design we like to work with startups and also product developers. We have in house product design knowledge that can inform our clients on concept design and development, as well as computer aided design, visualisation and initial prototyping.

I didn't have to use different designers for different jobs, as their team had the skills in all areas

Owner, Clipit